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JavaScript library Development
An open-source extension to the p5.js creative coding platform to allow for easy access to HTML5 Audio Speech Synthesis and WebKit Speech Recognition.
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Kinect + Stroke Rehab

Game Development
A project with NYU’s Hospital for Joint Disease that incorporates the Microsoft Kinect’s joint detection in game-play developed from adapted stroke rehab exercises.
Accessible Code Learning

Accessible Code Learning

P5 Access Study
A project aimed at increasing access to creative coding and code learning for people with low-vision and blindness. This project incorporates an analysis of existing code learning platforms, stakeholder/expert interviews and a proposed accessibility redesign of Processing.org and P5JS.org learning modules and IDEs.
Biofeedback for /r/ sounds

/r/ sounds

Software Development
Researchers at the Byun Lab at NYU are studying the way biofeedback–in this case real-time visual feedback about a user’s vocalizations–can help users correct atypical speech patterns that are otherwise difficult to perceive. Students in the Ability Lab are working with the Byun Lab to create an app that give this real-time biofeedback.
Umbrella for wheelchair users


iOS Development
LOLA was created by Tech Kids Unlimited, a not-for-profit technology education organization, to provide social and emotional solutions for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other learning and neurological differences through the use of humor.
Umbrella for wheelchair users

Wheelchair Umbrella

Product Design
NYU graduate students in collaboration with clients at United Cerebral Palsy of New York City are designing a fully accessible and collapsable umbrella for motorized wheelchair users—a product which is not already available on the market, despite an obvious and frequently cited need for it.
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Sensory Steps

Game Development
In collaboration with the auditory oral school of NY, graduate students are developing elements for a sensory room and music room for young children. The current project under development is a game to help the children with cochlear implants develop balance. The game is being created using Unity and Kinect.
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Product Deign
Inspired by a patient, students began designing a tray that attaches to a walker and doesn’t tip out food.
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Monkey Vine

iOS Development, UI / UX Design, Strategy
This computer game was designed to help young students (age 7-10) develop their working memory.
Music for motor skills

Music for motor skills

Software Development
In collaboration with the Adaptive Design Association, NYU graduate students developed a music player that incentivizes practicing fine motor skills. Information about how to download the app and detailed DIY instructions can be found on Instructables.

Recent Projects

  • Allan Goldstein's Essay Featured In Award-Winning Magazine On Disability
  • Interactive Balance and Mobility Game (Strivright)
  • Sensory Room Items (Strivright)
  • StaRt (NYU CSD)
  • Tech for People with Mild Concussion (Keledy Kenkel)
  • Speech to Text App for people who are Deaf (Melina- in Buenos Aires)
  • Mechanism for holding/using phone (Frances)
  • Mechanism for holding/using tablet for reading (Frances)
  • Wheelchair re-righting system (Matt Welt)
  • Just Move It (Lirong Liu)- either separate or as part of interactive balance and mobility game
  • Tell Us Abey– updating and adapting communication device for child with severe mobility limitations and inability to speak. (family)
  • Color blindness solutions for classroom learning/presentation accessibility (Cassidy)
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