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Contributors: Claire Kearney-Volpe and Scott Fitzgerald

Oysters and Pearls:
Coding Access Project

January 12-17th, 2018

In November of 2017, Ability Project Fellow Claire Kearney-Volpe was approached by Sandra Washburn, of Oysters and Pearls, to teach web development to students that are blind or have low-vision, during their annual tech camp in Northern Uganda. Claire Kearney-Volpe was joined by artist and NYU professor Scott Fitzgerald to teach a 5-day web development intensive to 13 motivated and talented students. In this intensive, participating students used JAWS, Notepad and Cyberduck to cover HTML, CSS and Javascript (the essential languages of the web).

Several of the participants in this course are also teachers at Gulu Highschool's Blind Annex, and an essential aim was to leave these teachers with tools to continue learning web development, and to teach their students these materials beyond the course.