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April 21st-23rd, 2017
TOM Makeathon

Location: NewLab in the Navy yard, Brooklyn, NY. TOM addresses the needs of individuals with disabilities by connecting Makers with people in need; creating assistive technologies and sharing those products for free via a global platform. Their aim is to make this assistive technology available for anyone who needs it regardless of their financial situation.

Their Makerthon this spring: NYC TOM will be held at the New Lab (Brooklyn Navy Yards) in which TOM has taken over space for 72 hours.

Register before March 3rd!

Past Event:
AT&T Connectability Challenge

The AT&T NYU Connect Ability Challenge was a three-month global software development competition leveraging mobile and wireless technologies to improve the lives of people living with disabilities.

This initiative strived to help millions of people with disabilities by matching developer talent and client users with disabilities.

For these innovations to be readily accessible to people with disabilities, developers were encouraged to leverage familiar, cost-efficient smart phone, wearable and everyday wireless technologies.

Through in-person and virtual programming, the Connect Ability Challenge facilitated participatory development, embraced user-centered design and rewarded universal design so new innovations can be adopted immediately and by as many people as possible.

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