The Ability Project is an interdisciplinary research space dedicated to the intersection between disability and technology.

We foster collaboration between individuals with disabilities and engineers, designers, educators, artists, occupational and physical therapists and speech language pathologists.

Human-Centered Design

We provide NYU students opportunities to practice human­-centered design with ongoing research projects, in which students manage the ethics and sensitivities involved in problem­solving for real people.

Student Resources

Resources including classes, grants, competitions, and events are made avaiable to students. Our faculty and staff are available to assist all NYU students the are exploring ability-related projects.

Come check out the Studio. The ABILITY Studio is open to NYU students and faculty of all fields looking to create inclusive systems, design human­-centered projects, and further understanding and research in the area of ability.
Research with us. Our projects are intended to be ongoing, multi­disciplinary, and client­-facing, with a strong emphasis on open source practices, partnerships with advocacy groups and agencies, and experiential learning opportunities for students across NYU. Please reach out if you are interested in collaborating. ability(at)nyu(dot)edu